when i was a child...

@tantal25 (839)
United States
June 30, 2007 9:18am CST
Way back when i was still little, i wondered how it is to fall in love. I have no idea if what would i feel when I'm in love nor how would I know if it's already love. I got a lot of crushes way back then, and still I noticed that the feeling was just ordinary. Sometimes I thought that it was love already, but as the time passes by, I just laughed around the thought that when I get hurt, I'm already in love with the person. But soon I realized it is not about getting hurt, it was just an envious nonverbal agitation caused by strong feelings. Still, it was a common hightened feeling for me. Maturity became me within a short time when I had the strong urge to protect and look after a guy whom I barely know. The feeling is so powerfully deep that i almost forgot the people around me. It is a wonderful feeling that makes me feel like there are butterflies flying inside my stomach. I just realized then that when you are in love, you tend to care for the person and accepts the possibility that he might change in the future? You learn how to understand him in all possible ways and become happy with just his simple grin. You felt as though your life was so alive, like a flower blooming in the night sky. Every time you see the person, you became tense, but manage to laugh it off for he completes your day. And most of all, you learn how to compromise when you're in love. You became a person that you never thought you would be and the nicest thing is, he brings out the best in you. Don't listen to your heart alone or your head alone. Wait until your heart and head agrees. I still remembered what i felt the moment i stared into his dark eyes. i had this tingling sensation from my nape and it radiates down into my spine. He just smiled at me that never reach his ear, pinched my nose and brushed his knuckles on my cheek. I just stood there mesmerized. With just a simple smile from him, my heart melted and it blew all my worried away. I just sit and wondered, how come with just a simple smile from him, i felt this overflowing feeling of happiness and contentment? With just a simple smile, he triggered a lot of emotions from me? Then, I realized, I want him to be a part of my life. No one has ever made me feel like a wind that soothes me as a well being. With just a mere fact that I see him happy, I'm happy for him as well.
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