Which is the most peaceful country??

June 30, 2007 9:49am CST
I sometimes wonder is there anything called peace??? There is nothing called peace in our world or be it in our country or be it in our house or in our hearts!!! But it still makes me wonder.... does anyone finds any country peaceful???? i feel its SINGAPORE!!! LETS SEE WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY...........?????????
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• India
30 Jun 07
To a pretty extent I am sure that most of them will support their country and it will be rare case where people nominate other countries to this list. I go by my words. It is INDIA. Which its vast culture over 4000 years and so mucg of diversity in culture even between places 100 Km apart. I leave it to image the rest of the tradition here. You get to have so many places In kerela , Tamilnadu ,and near the himalyan side. Each part has 100 things to be searched. The population has crossed 1 billion so think of the diversity out here. And about the number of things you can learn , you lifetime is not sufficient to take a look at those. Taj Mahal beign its one of the treasure known to the world and there are a thousand no a million more things unkonw to the outsifde world. Just come here once and they you will never want to return. Maxmuller has wriiten in his books that , India is a country with treausure which cannot be seen it other countries. The main reason for this being its 4000 years old tradition. So visit this beautiful country atleast once in your lifetime.