Am I done the right Thing...?

@forisuru (217)
Sri Lanka
June 30, 2007 11:05am CST
Dear Friends, Actually i still fears to believe that i have done the right thing regarding this case.I started a figt with my sister. Actually for sure she is the one who has all the bad quality's. Everybody in our home accept and knows about the way of her. So at last i told her that ur no more a sister of mine and don't talk with me again. Actually she is the worst sister one could have in a life. She doesn't care for two hoots about my mother and father nor me.So i decided that i will no more treat her as my sister untill she become a good one.So what u guys and girls think....? Do i must still talk to her...or Am i right...? I decided to not to talk with her anymore because then i will not be able to quarell with her anymore.And then my life will be happier...Why should i pay worries for her foolish quality's amd habbits.Are you agree with me...? Thanks
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@mujtab20 (434)
• Nigeria
30 Jun 07
Yes you are right bro, I agree with you.
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• India
17 Jun 08
Hi, A person may be good or bad it depends on situation and differ from person to person.U both belongs to same parent but still both have different quality.U just study her how she developed these bad qualities.She may be fraustrated and may be dissatified due to some reason. Why don't U talk with her about the problem freely. By misbehaving elders she may communicate something about her problem.Blood relations are created not by luck but by virtue of birth.So U never break the blood relation. So just think and justified yourself and proceed accordingly.
@liyan97 (2128)
• Northern Mariana Islands
30 Jun 07
Hello forisuru:) I am not too sure if the choice you made is the right one, but it was your choice! Sometimes when in a situation like this, where the person is too selfish to realize the affect they have on other loved ones the best thing to do is, ignore them. Although it is difficult, you have to be strong and stand ground for what you believe in! The only thing that I wat to express clearly to you is; even though your sister has done wrong by your family and you are angree, you can not loose sight of the fact that "she is your sister" no matter what goes down. Be strong and patient with her, for she will soon allow herself to grow and realize her mistakes. Just be there when that day happens not to judge her but to support her in the changes that have come. Part of loving someone is worries, I know it may seem too much too deal with at times, but it is your love for your sister that has you feeling this way. Nonetheless, I hope that your sister can change with this experience! I will keep you in my thoughts:) and hope that only the best is yet to come with you and your sister:)