Norton Outline: Fitzgerald Biography

United States
June 30, 2007 11:39am CST
Norton Outline: Fitzgerald Biography Source: Norton Anthology Themes: Fitzgerald writes about rich and extravagant lifestyles in the 20’s. Writes about the younger generation, flappers, drinking throughout Prohibition, wealth, corruption, and partying. “The Great Gatsby tells the story of a self-made young man whose dreams of success, personified in a rich and beautiful young woman named Daisy, turns out to be a fantasy in every sense: Daisy belongs to a corrupt society, Gatsby corrupts himself in the quest for her, above all, the rich have no intention of sharing their privileges.” (1641). Writing Style: Fitzgerald’s writing style is not flowery; the language is not very poetic. Genres: Fitzgerald has written novels and short stories. “This Side of Paradise was accepted as the voice of the younger generation in a society increasingly oriented toward youth. He combined the traditional narrative and rhetorical gifts of a good fiction writer.” (1641). Typical patterns: Fitzgerald’s writings usually deal with the 1920’s wealthy lifestyle and the younger generation. “Character was one of Fitzgerald’s favorite concepts.” (1642). His writings seem to portray his life experiences. Influences: Hemingway, Stein, and Pound were Fitzgerald’s influences since they became close friends and spent a lot of time sharing their work with each other. Fitzgerald has also been influential to many other writers. Associations: Fitzgerald became part of “The Lost Generation”. Awards: Although many of Fitzgerald’s writings were published, he was not awarded any recognitions.
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