June 30, 2007 11:47am CST
Saw on an internet gossip site the following information on Heroes: WARNING SPOILER. Season two is now under production and some stars will be going on a DVD cross country tour to major cities only. Dates and places are not yet set. Still don't know if Nathan will return. Shapeshifter, Candice is not coming back. Actress on another show. Peter will be back. Heroes will air after filming is finished in April, for the May sweeps time.
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@alextyl (63)
• Malaysia
1 Jul 07
Wow.. what a gossip.. but we still have to wait for a long time to be watch... anyways is it good heard this kind of news.. cant wait to watch.. Man!. its really make me crazy.. : ) ; )
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@5000ml (1923)
• Belgium
1 Jul 07
Good to know when the next season will be airing, I was wondering about that. I don't mind Candine not returning (didn't care much for her character), but I really want Nathan to return. As far as I know the actor did sign up for the second season.
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@redfang (969)
30 Jun 07
thats some cool info you have found out there, it will be a shame if nathan does not come back as he is a major player in the story line but for candice i am not that bothered about her as i never liked her from the start, really it's good and nice for them to keep the major players in it all they are what make the it as good as it is. I can't wait for season 2 to come out over here but i know we will be waiting a fair while for it which is a bit of a downer but hey all good things come to those who wait i guess. The worst thing i think is i don't want it to end i would like them to just keep going on and on and on with it as it's one of the best shows i have watched in a long time but like all good things i know they come to an end which is a shame, but i hope something as good replaces it in time.
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• Pakistan
23 Jul 07
if nathan is backk...that will be a mojor cheat..