I'm engaged....now what???

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June 30, 2007 5:48pm CST
I just recently got engaged and now after I've had a moment to come down off the cloud that I was on, I'm wondering....what now??? Okay, okay I know that I have a wedding to plan, that's gonna be crazy since we can't seem to agree on a date! LOL. Besides that though, what else is there? Are things really going to change that much? If not then why in the hell do I feel so funny? At first I thought that after I told the people closest to me in this world that I feel better. I've now, not only have I told ALL my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the babysitter....I've even told my great news to total strangers! Still this anxiety lingers.....see, I don't want anything to change, my guy is the way I like him. Other than getting him to pick his dirty clothes off the floor, their isn't much that I would want to change about him. He feels the same....he BETTER feel the same. I've talked to many married people who swear that marriage DOES change the man, some say that it DOESN'T my goodness, I can't keep up anymore! Is their anyone out there that can shed some light on why I feel so anxious about getting engaged???
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1 Jul 07
i got engaged 5 months ago and i feel the same way i keep asking myself are we doing the right thing or is there something else i should be doing besides planning for a wedding. i lve my man with all my heart he everything i wont in a man but iam so nervous.
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9 Jul 07
I am scared too! GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH.
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21 Oct 07
First off, congrats. Secondly, there is nothing to worry about. Engagement should be the happiest time of your life. Yes, it's stressful, but exciting none the less. Have you gone to www.theknot.com? they are a free website that offers SO much help for everything about the big day! From dresses, to local caterers, florists, cakes, ceremony sites, colors, and of course lots of advice, you will find it on this site. I have found it extremely helpful with all my planning. It even has a budget guide! Good luck!!
• United States
7 Nov 07
Thanks for the kind words!
• Canada
27 Jul 07
I recently got engaged too, so I know how you feel. My fiance and I set a few things straight from the start. I am not changing my name, I am not changing my religion, and if we stay here in the USA, I'm not renouncing my Canadian citizenship!! Are you feeling anxious because of possible changes, like your name? If that's making you anxious, then keep your name!! If it's other things you are worried about changing, don't change them. A marriage (to my fiance and I anyway) is just an opportunity to share our love with the world, and to be creative in how we go about doing it. To minimize stress, keep the wedding simple.
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10 Aug 07
I loved your comment, thank you kindly for the advice. I think that it's a combination of things, but like you said I may just need to talk to my fiance and let him know how I feel....we'll see!
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5 Dec 07
I think as you asked to many people and one said good one said bad so this made you some anxious. You can depute your own wise, own situation and so can think everything will be O.K. Marriage and hanging go by destiny. So do not worry, if marriage is a cause of worry no people will do it so do not worry. Better you plan how to run your future life, how to develop your family, how to rais childs. I believe you will be happy and nothing will change if you can love your husband as you are now and never will untie your knot.
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• Kenya
16 Oct 07
I got engaged three months ago, a wedding in february and am feeling the same as you. Gosh! is it cold feet?