are you a good movie critic ?

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June 30, 2007 6:53pm CST
Do you watch a lot of movies and if so do you think your a good critic on movies ? I have a lot of children so we do have movie night at least two nights a week. Here are a few of the movies that I have liked so far. List your movies and your ratings. SUPERMAN 3..8 I really liked this movie and how Peter Parker went bad and his dances were pretty funny and the action was very good. FANTASTIC4..THE NEW ONE ...10 For a kids movie I really liked it as well the story line was good and the action was good as well ROCKY BALBOA..10..The story line was kind of slow but the fight at the end was awesome thats why I rate it a 10 just the fight I could watch over and over. THOSE ARE THE FEW THAT I'VE WATCHED SO FAR THERE ARE A FEW OTHERS BUT LETS SEE WHAT YOU GOT
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30 Jun 07
I tend to do pretty well in rating movies; most of the time, when I recommend a movie, most of my friends will tell me after the fact that they enjoyed it as well. Some of the recent movies I've seen are: -Knocked Up: One of the best movies I've seen in quite a while. From the director and writers of '40 Year Old Virgin' I actually preferred this more than 'Virgin.' -Evan Almighty: It was okay. It lost some of the spunk of 'Bruce Almighty' but Steve Carell is still funny in moments. Sometimes, Wanda Sykes steals the movie. -Ocean's 13: Much closer to 11 than 12, it brought back the feel of the 'buddy heist' flicks.
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1 Jul 07
yeah you are a good movie critic I've seen knocked up and it was good and 40 year old virgin I liked too. I haven't seen evan almighty yet.