Prison Break Series 3

June 30, 2007 8:37pm CST the end of the second series it said there was gonna be another prison break.. but what do u think is gonna happen.. or has anyone heard any rumours
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@axter69 (379)
1 Jul 07
not sure but this show needs to be moved to 21:00 so I can watch it without wanting to go to bed. from what Bagwell said I would thinks it involves Michael breaking out of that prison he was in and from there on who knows
1 Jul 07
micheal and t-bag are in prison so...there will be another plot to break out..the prison michael is on looks easy to break out of.. maybe they will continue another 2 series' with the breakout...i dont think soo though
@bikdas (17)
• India
2 Jul 07
but now he's not fully prepared to break da prison like he did will depends on da intuition of da will b really intersting
• China
7 Jul 07
Michael, how are you going to escape this time?! I'm looking forward it.
• Australia
6 Jul 07
if ya really keen soon will know prison break season 3 will be available online 27 august saves waiting just download it in a couple weeks enjoy i love prison break hanging for it