what are the two issues involved?

@kilayko (170)
June 30, 2007 10:25pm CST
the legal and the moral,in the legal issues it is restricted the right by splitting pregnacies into three trimesters..the first is a period of personal liberty.the woman is free to abort the fetus at her own discretion.second trimester of pregnancy the state may restrict the abortion procedure in a way reasonably related to maternal health.third trimester the state may regulate or even prohibit abortion,excepts in case where the life or health of the mother is in danger.In moral issues the abortion issue involves many of same concepts that underlie the issue of the euthanasia an impaired infants.in each of this issues,there are disputes concerning personhood,sanity of life,quality,autonomy,and mercy-as well as larger concepts such as freedom and social stability.the health care professional is often placed in situations that involve adjudicating among these concepts,and mre often is placed in situation in which other make a desicions using the concepts.the fact that others make these desicion does not mean the health care professional can ignore them,for he or she is often in the position of carrying out the desicions.so even if one has ni rule in the desicion-making process,one may need to come to terms with action that may be morally controversial and emotionally heartrending.
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