how many responses do you receive from mylot

July 1, 2007 7:14am CST
well, i feel a little weird . sometimes my discussion receive many reponses, but sometimes, no one reply to my topic. so, how about you? how do you decide wether or not reponse to a certain discussion?
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@Coolgeth (1215)
• India
1 Jul 07
Hi miaonly!! Welcome to MyLot!! I was at your situation when i was a newbie as like you..Soon you will understand the tactis done here..Post common things which interest all myLotters.Initially you much start responding to disscussion rather than starting a new one...i normally respond if it was my friend's one or if it sounds god..I show my views there..Happy Postings!! Happy Earnings!!
• China
1 Jul 07
thank you for your good suggestion and , of course, adding me as a , i am quite happy, because i feel all mylotter are quite friendly, wish you happy posting, happy earning,too.
• India
1 Jul 07
the maximum responses i got is 4. few discussion no responses at all. never mind i responding to many new discussion so i have a chance too.
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@setankuw (95)
• Indonesia
2 Jul 07
i didn't make any new discussion yet,. so i didn't receive any response from any members. i just try to make 100 posts so i can gain my star ratings and start to make a new discussion. i am afraid i didn't have good idea to start a discussion and receive so many response.
@touchnshine (2821)
• India
1 Jul 07
Dear miaonly It happens here on mylot. It happens with me as well :( .. but I never get upset with this .. Just be good , feel good and see you will definitely get good responses to your discusssions :) .. Happy mylotting to you my dear friend
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
1 Jul 07
I've gotten everywhere from 0-125 responses, and often I have no idea why. There are some discussions that I expect to only be responded to by my friends, because they are of a fairly personal nature, and yet sometimes those discussions will get many responses from people who feel the same way or have been through similar things. Other times I'll start a discussion on an everyday topic that seems universal to me, only to find that no one was interested but me! =p I respond to discussions pretty randomly depending on my mood. There are days when I am more serious than others, days I pretty much only check out what my friends said because I don't have much time to be online, and days when I just really don't have a lot to say about anything.
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
1 Jul 07
For me it is just a game. My discussions get three to ten answers usually, I had discussions that got fourty answers. All my discussions got answers so far. I do not take it this serious. I respond to other people`s discussion far more than to start discussions myself, I am not so good at thinking up discussions. Happy mylotting!