what is the new creature in TS2 Bon Voyage ?

@abiesm (376)
July 1, 2007 9:01am CST
all old expansions have more amazing creatures . At universit , it's Zoombie, at Nightlife it's Vampire, at Open for Business it's Robot, at Pets it's Werewolf and at Seasons it's Plant People, so you think what's new in Bon Voyage ? Maybe it's Genie, or Mermaid ... What creature do you like to appear in this expansion ?
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@jb2020 (21)
1 Sep 07
Wow, I've never seen any of these creatures. I have University, Nightlife, and Open for Business. I'm DYING to have all the expansion packs, but my computer's too slow. I need to get a new computer before I get anymore sims games. So, how do you meet these zombies in University? And the robots??
@jean0827 (306)
• Malaysia
15 Nov 07
well..i think you knew the answer alry~ as Bon Voyage was out quite long ago alry~ it is big foot~~ I personally think that it's very cool to have a creature like this in the game!
@MH4444 (2161)
• United States
17 Oct 07
Mermaid? Who knows? Whatever it's just too fun. My favourite was the zoombie and vampires in Nightlife. Way cool. ^-^
@Auraib (102)
• Pakistan
30 Aug 07
its bigfoot according to the chat on the Sims 2 website
@missa405 (290)
• Canada
1 Aug 07
I think its bigfoot this time. I saw some pictures on the sims2 site.