What is the best microgame on this?

July 1, 2007 9:51am CST
I recently got a copy of Hot Pixel for the PSP and wondered if anyone here has a copy too and what thier favourite game in it is. For me, I think that the best game is the one where you have to swim to the surface and avoid the sea monster and jelly fish (I can't remember if that is in the download pack or not!) If you have not played this game and would like a demo to try on your PSP then go to http://www.psp-vault.com/UpDownload-req-viewdownloaddetails-lid-1892.psp or if you have a PS3 you can download from the Playstation store. If you want the 70 extra games for Hot Pixel (making it 270 games in total) head on over the the official site (http://www.hotpxl.com) and follow the instructions.
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