what can you about the school you from?

@kilayko (170)
July 1, 2007 11:56am CST
as a unorian or student of UNO-R the schools are good,staff,students,professor are accomodating and open at all times.this school is a christian school very religious,respectful,and guided by the teacher and the staff in different department very organized in all aspect of the schools.and a lot of friends you can meet here and differnt person you will encounter or mingle in this university the university also is very active in the activities outside and inside of the school campus.there is a lot of different courses that they offer for the future of the student and you can save your tuition compare to other school there a lot of scholars here which they offer also for the student for who parents is not enough financial.and students could be guided here bcoz this school are very religious so with the people also here who are studying from this school.as you can read their mission statement you can appreciate,AS A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY INLOVED WITH AUGUSTINIAN RECOLLECT STYLE OF VIEWING EDICATION,THE UNIVERSITY OF NEGROS OCCIDENTAL-RECOLETOS COMMITS ITSELF TO PROVIDE THE CLIMATE,THE STRUCTURE,AND THE MEANS BY WHICH VOCATION,TECHNICAL SKILLS AND TALENTS OF ALL MEMBER OF THE ACADEMIC COMMUNITY CAN BE OPTIMALLY DEVELOPED INEXTRICABLY PERMEATED BY FAITH SO THEY CAN BE USED IN THE SERVICE OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.the university of negros occidental-recoletos encisions itself as a catholic institution giving witness to the augustinian recollect charism as a way of living christian faith.a true catholic institution offering augustinian recollect style of education that responds to the needs of the church the filipino society and the world;and a partner of the government in the development of the young to be productive;enlightened and upwright citizens whose hearts and minds are not only focused on their individual good but also on the welfare and well-being of the entire filipino nation with special concern for the weak and poor.
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