what kind of school is this?

@kilayko (170)
July 1, 2007 12:13pm CST
universidad de Zamboanga located at the philippines map belongs to the mindanao area the school names are sound like an spanish school yes Zamboanga dialect is broken spanish.people living here are mix a lot of christian and a lot of muslim people here.I've here in universidad for almost 2 year in my BS pharmacy I stop b'coz of the financial problem but here in school I have a lot of friend, even A lot of muslim they are very friendly in christian here they have also a lot of courses offer in the students,they offer also a scholar for those students needs it,the staff here professor here is nice,accomodating people,open at all times and to people needs they help.this is the old school in Zmboanga city but continues thre progress in enrolling the students the tuition fee is in middle level higher but it worth for students in studying they have a lot of rules that can make students improve or enhance the skill in studying the lesson they have the cut off grades if they will not pass they eliminate student from that department and transfer to other of what course deserve grades below 86.i think of the attitude until now i carrying is study hard Because from that school I been pressured to study.so until now I realized that rules is not a big mistake for us but for you to learn of what experienced.
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