If Tomorrow Was The Last Day Of Your Life...

@eashoor (307)
July 1, 2007 4:40pm CST
Imagine that tomorrow was in fact the last day for you on earth. And that you had to spend the entire day working for some one, How much would you charge that person per hour for that one last day of your life??
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@moomincat (321)
1 Jul 07
Not a penny bean. The hours would be priceless.
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1 Jul 07
i dunno really...i wouldn;t charge them anything...i'd have nothing to live for so i wouldn't need money. i'd make the most of that last day though...i would probably do something special...:p
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@sacrg793 (429)
• China
2 Jul 07
well, if tomorrow is last day of my life, i would think about what i have done in my life, i mean very seriously, because i don't have to leave any will, i don't have any properties and i don't have kids and the only thing i have is my mom and daddy, they are old right now and i will say i can't feed them when they can't move because i'm leaving. it's one of the sadest things to do, but i have no choice.
• United States
1 Jul 07
I would not charge them anything. If this was my last day on earth. I would need to collect all the blessing I could. And giving to others is a very good way. I would work my very best ans wish them a good day. I would give hugs and kisses to all my loved ones. Tidy up my home and hope I have some time to watch general hospital. Then pray this world becomes a better place.