Computer gives a strange peep sound when we try to start?

@healer (1783)
July 2, 2007 5:44pm CST
Please help, yesterday my cousin brother rebooted his computer and he told me that after rebooting the new operating system(XP). The computer started to hang and lag so he switched it off. After some time he tried to restart his computer but it won't display anything on the moniter instead the cpu gives a strabge peep sound which is very irrataing. So, going to the engineers will be very expensive so, before taking that final step i just thought of discussing here for a possible solution. Please try to help us out.
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@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
2 Jul 07
That certainly does not sound very good. I had that same problem a couple years ago and it turned out that my motherboard got fried and needed to be replaced. Hopefully it is not the mother board that is causing the problem. Good luck with getting the computer fixed. I ended up getting a new computer after the one I had got fried.
@healer (1783)
• India
3 Jul 07
Thanks for your response anyway hope its not the motherboard. I' ll message you what the problem was when it gets solved. Take care
• India
29 Jul 07
hi....had the same problem before on my com yaar....first check whether if ur ram or memory is in place...most of it will cause the same problem....then check for virus on ur can also cause these type of problems...if none work try formatting the system....and then installing a fresh copy of windows xp.....u r there then!!! can contact me at 9884971674
@slavezero (835)
• Philippines
20 Jul 07
try checking your video card and memory, also check if all cables are properly plug in place... try removing it and inserting it back on your motherboard but before you touch the internal parts of your PC be sure you wear a anti-static device or just wear a rubber slippers to prevent the parts of your PC to be damage by static discharge.
@karvin87 (1034)
• India
3 Jul 07
tell u wat! get a professional matter wat frnds/ppl tell u here , u would need a [rofessional help n trust me , if things get worse, u wouldnt be able to help urself better get some help from the REAL world...and earn tht much frm this world in futr!!! :)