July 2, 2007 8:05pm CST
I just wanted to say that if you dont read the terms and conditions carefully you will get scammed by this site. They only allow US residents, yet they let anyone sign up. I made the mistake of doing an offer on there before realizing that its only open to US residents. When I asked them what i should do since i already did an offer before I realized it, all they said was you should have read the terms and conditions and it shouldnt have let you sign up. They even gave me attitude and told me not to use the support tickets to ask about my situation. RUDE PEOPLE!!! Maybe they pay out to US residents but if you ask me they are scammers!! Just my opinion.
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@ertzinas (239)
• Finland
3 Jul 07
I first thought that you ment myLot :O, but i guess thats not the case. As you are referring some other site.. Could you please make it more clean to others that they understand its some different site because i was already in panic, because i am from Finland that do i get my money :) As far as i know Finland is not in the list of that strange organization so i should get money from here.
• Canada
3 Jul 07
hahaha sorry...the website Im talking about is
• Canada
18 Jul 07
WAIT...You can't get paid on this site?!?! omg that is unbelievable!! It says you can be Canadian!! grr. Are you absolutely positive? I mean, it says in the FAQ you can't get money through paypal if you aren't in the US. But apparently you can still get a cheque..I'm confused
3 Jul 07
What site are you talking about?