Fighting with your parents

@chrys84 (118)
United States
July 2, 2007 9:40pm CST
I have gotten into one fist fight with my mother and i'm not proud of myself even though she jokingly said that i held my own and that SHE was proud. I usually am very respectful towards my mom and it seems now that the older i get the more we disagree on things. I love my mom to death and i want us to continue having a strong relationship. Any suggestions on what i can do to keep myself in check?
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@nhea0327 (20)
• Las Pinas City, Philippines
3 Jul 07
I certainly can't judge you in any way. All I can say is, your mom is your everything. No matter how angry or how you disagree with her. She would always and still be your mom. For you not to argue..the best thing to do is just accept what she has to say and try showing her you are willing to listen and understand where she is going. Now, if there are parts of what she said that you don't understand or you don't think is right. Then, maybe...try telling her in a subtle and sweet way. You can start by sitting next to her and looking into her eyes. Maybe, little by little she will somehow notice that you changed your approach. when that time comes, she will do the same as what you are doing to her. TRYING TO BE A GOOD LISTENER and firend at the same time. It may be ackward at first. But its not too late to create a good relationship with your mom. GOOD LUCK!!!
@alokkarn (123)
• India
3 Jul 07
You can disagree, argue, violate orders but never get into a physical fight with your mother. That, to me is crossing the limits of decency with any other living being, more so with one who is so dear as your mother. But all the while that you disagree, argue, go against her wishes, you should not be disrespectful to her per se, or lessen your love for her. Learn to exercise self-restraint. Whenever things become dangerously hot, move away from the scene. Drink a glass of water. Try shifting your thoughts from that issue. Come to it if needed, after you have cooled down. As an alternative, where you feel there is no room for discussion, first listen to whatever she has to say. Seek some time to consider. Consider the whole thing alone dispassionately. And then tell her about your decision. Never get physical.
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• Philippines
3 Jul 07
Well chrys84 it seems your mom is proud that you'd had a fistfight with her, and she even joked about it. But she's still your mother and i really can't imagine having a physical contact with her, especially fist fights. Just try to keep yourself calm, always, i mean its gonna be hard but try as much as possible to keep yourself intact, try hitting other things instead of her. I mean you can punch the door or slap the wall, just make sure your hand never touches her again. Ei i also argue with my mom, but i only argue with her verbally and after some minutes its gone, its just an argument, eventhough she doesn't agree its still my opinion, same with her opinion. Or try to walk away and think, just keep in mind that she's still your mother :)
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@bhelle123 (290)
• Canada
4 Jul 07
my father always scolded and hit me even when i am already a teacher, but i never fight him. one day, i am applying for a caregiver bound for canada and that was the time i fight back.