Global warming

July 2, 2007 10:30pm CST
This should concern everyone of us because its going to affect us, our property, and the one we love-everyone! In your own little way, What have you contibuted to stop global warming? Or are you a contributor to it?
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• India
4 Jul 07
people , global warming is the cring problem of the day and needs urgent attention o, or else by 2050 , half of the coastal cities of the world will be under water ......join hands together .. lets contribute whatever we can.....
• United States
3 Jul 07
When you have countries like China that violate every human right and also are the greatest offenders of the environment..with little chance of them changing..well ..we in the US are doing our part. the cost of gasoline will cut a lot of joy riding down (it will get higher $5.00/gal) and then people will get more efficient cars trucks or take the whatever.. I contribute by leaving my suv parked in the garage and driving my compact pickup only when I cut back on water consumption..i swim and bathe at the YMCA with my wife..only a half mile from my I re cycle cans and bottles...thanks to me wife again..I stopped smoking and don't use regular incandescent we are doing our bit...but it is nothing compared to many countries who pollute the air..China is the biggest but their are many others..including the US who can clean up their act..
@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
3 Jul 07
I'm sorry, I have a very difficult time buying into the theory that humans are responsable for it. I don't doubt it's happening on some level, but I don't think we are responsable. I've just seen too much that contradicts it. The temperature on the planet has gone up and down many times over the eons. Who was responsible before humans became prevelent? Did neanderthal man hav S.U.V.'s? Truth is we are only beginning to understand weather and climate. We now know that hurricane seasons swell every 50 years or so and Katrina was just part of that. We have only been studying weather for a little over a hundred years. Weather has been around as long as planet earth. We still tend to think of things in terms of human time. the earth works on her own time, not ours. Just because we havent seen it in our life time or even a few lifetimes doesn't mean it isn't normal. A life time is but a blink of an eye in terms of cosmic time.