First Job

United States
July 2, 2007 10:31pm CST
What was your first job? did you enjoy it? My first job was working at Ralphs Market. I started out bagging groceries then got promoted to working in the Service Deli.I did not like it! wasn't making enough money, they deducted too much from my check. I hated working in the Deli because the customers were a pain and it was a lot of work for nothing. I was suppose to had been making at least 400/500 a week but was only making between 200-259. Some custormers were nice and some just had an attitude. I thought a lot about, why would people want to mess with someone who is handling their food? That's the known rule lol. But i never did anything crazy i respected the customers as much as i could.
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@vyronica (24)
• Philippines
3 Jul 07
My first job was really unforgettable. I was exposed to the real world. I got to walk for 30 minutes bec I was assigned in a place where it was my first time to be there. I had to walk so I won't get lost and I'd be familiar with the place. Very wonderful experience. It's like I learned more of the sacrifice first more than anything else. Well things were then easier for me as I stayed longer in the place.
@Cassy1976 (796)
• Australia
3 Jul 07
Apart from the casual baby sitting that I used to do my first real job was at a small bakery in the town that I grew up and I used to work in the shop during the day, I worked full time and I dont remember how much I got paid but compared to what I get these days it was nothing! I really enjoyed that job and I loved the people that I worked for the only reason I left was because someone else took over and they put their family on instead so I moved on from there. I dont think I got one rude customer in the 2 years I worked there everyone was always really nice!
• United States
3 Jul 07
my first job was a mc job. the pay sucked,the manager was rude,and they were always understaffed.i quit after about a month. funny thing,when i worked there we were only allowed to have a drink or an egg mc muffin if we wanted to eat something.i hear now employees can eat whatever they want for break,i wonder if that's true.