Have you ever used a "no lemon" policy for a computer?

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July 2, 2007 11:00pm CST
Okay, so here's the deal. Best Buy has a product service plan you can buy when you buy a computer or other expensive gadget. They last for three years. Two years ago when we bought my hubby's computer, we bought said plan. Now, we are waiting for them to declare it a lemon and replace it. Since February they have replaced the hard drive, the optic drive (CD/DVD drive), the battery 3 times, and the LCD screen inverter. And, it still has an unexplained problem where it won't start up on the battery...if its plugged in and you unplug it, it works fine, but try to start up with just the battery and nope, no dice. So, they are calling it a lemon and I call it well, let's go with... junk. has anyone ever used Besy Buy's no lemon policy? How did it work for you?
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3 Jul 07
When I bought my lap top in febuary I purcahsed it. I haven't had to turn in on it. Although I am having a problem with on of my mouse buttons but nothing major. Well except for the display driver but it is nothing I can do about it. Its Windows Vista. either way... let me know how it goes when they replace.
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15 Jul 07
It actually went incredibly well. Best Buy gave us a store credit of exactly the amount we spent when we first bought the computer tobe used only on a new computer. Anything left over was lost. So, we ended up spending about $50 on his new computer and $400 for a new product service plan, but he's got a brand new top of the line laptop instead of the breaks at every turn piece of junk... the only major problem is that it came with Vista...god I hate that system!