Does Marking As SPAM deletes the Discussion?

@sonone (269)
July 2, 2007 11:10pm CST
Does Marking as SPAM deletes the discussion?. B'coz, My Discussion was deleted after a few hours. Is it True? May be someone has marked it as SPAM?
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• United States
3 Jul 07
I see a lot of SPAM on here..but I don't think they would unless someone is stalking you? well, i hope i know this happens in Yahoo..i am coming here from Yahoo as there are a lot of trolls who stalk people they don't i am told..and I like the format here you can addres the person..but it still is not a chat line.. so i hope not..that is the best answer i can give..
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@liyan97 (2128)
• Northern Mariana Islands
3 Jul 07
Hello there! I have been here for over two months now but have never experienced it! There was only this one instant when I posted a discussion about recipie’s and another member advised me that it was against the rules. I actually contacted admin on my own and asked them to delete it. I have one discussion about making money that has been here for over a month with (0) responses, but has yet to be deleted. Are you sure it’s deleted, or it might be in the next few pages. Well if it has been deleted, I suggest you contact admin and inquire about it, because I have never encountered anything like that before. Nonetheless, don’t let it discourage you! Keep posting no matter who tries to bring you down!