July 3, 2007 1:04am CST
When i had the lunch with my colleagues this noon,one of my clleague said there are always one opinion in her mind:she wants to divorce with her husband.She said she found there are so many different opinions in their life.For example ,she likes the crimp,and she wants to do that,but her husband isn't aggree and angry.After listerning to her,i said,but you have be married for 7 years,and what the different points in your mind,that's very common,only if you are consider of each other,the life will be very nice.And please dont speak out the word of divorce easily,that will hurt another.Friends,are you aggree with me?
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@jeff0208 (28)
• Singapore
3 Jul 07
divorce are for those "IDIOT" WOMAN who married MEN just for MONEY and MEN married WOMAN just for S3X. Divorce are for those "IDIOT" who think marriage is just a piece of paper and can be reverted. Divorce are for those who do not understand what "LOVE" is all about. Divorce are for those who do nor really care for others but only care for themselves. Divorce is pronounced as "SCREWED".
• China
3 Jul 07
yeah,now that you are married someone,you should care of him or her,you should answer for your actions.If you still is a bachelor,you should think about wheather you should be married,and why you married.That will good for everyone!