Growing up with problems

July 3, 2007 4:14am CST
This discussion is about handling problems. Please feel free to post your ideas and comments. Thanks. Growing up with problems- a discussion started by Ramon Javier I am now living in this world of ours for the past 23 yrs. Yes, I can say that I am still young and still have a lot of experiences need to gain, to further contribute more regarding this topic. Though 23 yrs of living is still inadequate for me to justify my experiences, still, I have felt pain, sorrow, frustration, happiness, jealousy etc. As I recall all the sorrowful memories that I have, I can say that even though that these memories were labeled as "miserable", "unjust punishments" or "problems", I am deeply honored to say that I have encountered, gained knowledge from them, and were triumphant against them. Problems can just occur anywhere. And growing up with them is just a part of life. I firmly believe that from the moment that you became a fetus upto the hour of your last breath, you are still encountering problems. A fetus struggling to survive inside its' mother's womb is already a problem for him. A dying person, as his last hours ticks away, is already thinking on what would happen to the person he loves when he is gone is already a problem again. Problem will never leave us. Until the dying seconds of ourlives, it still clings to us. Growing up with problems do not weaken us rather it strenghten us by giving us experiences. We can apply different approaches to a new problem by looking up old problem that we had encountered. Some people rely on suicide as a problem solver. But I say to them, suicide is a sign of weakness. Suicide not only solves a problem, but rather it creates a new one. Deal with your problem. love them, cherish them, learn from them. By doing so, this strenghtens your confidence and you can say " I passed them all" and if you recall them back, you will laugh at them.... it is more honorable to face your problems, your fears, Suicide is a cowardly act out of a problem. Growing up with problems is a part of life that we must accept. After all no one is perfect. We must not blame others for your problem, after all problem just come and goes. Yet, sometimes we create our own problem. Just accept those problems, face it like a man and afterwards, everything will be alright.
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3 Jul 07
hello everybody may meet all kinds of things in his life .what we should do ? however , nature is better.