@pehden (84)
United States
July 3, 2007 6:59am CST
Wo I cant beleave we dont have many gamers that like forza on here. Oh well I found a cheat\hack on the game that no one else i useing that I know of, well anyway I found that if you have a profile that has a car unlocked and a profile that doesnt the one with the car unlocked can buy the car then do profile to profile and buy the car with the profile that doenst have the car unlocked . Better yet if you have Xbox live just buy one tht way.
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@Frgo10 (17)
• Sweden
3 Jul 07
I've tried to play Forza on the old X-Box but I soon found out that it is just to hard for me, I "grew up" in the gaming community with games such as Need for Speed and the Colin Mcrae series, being thrown into the amount of realism that Forza Motorsport offers it just got to much for me and found out that the only way for me to have a chance was to enable the help line and thats just not fun to race like that.
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@pehden (84)
• United States
12 Jul 07
The race line isnt fun to have to use but, it doesnt hurt when you need to use it. I use it when I am racing with a car I am not use to. I hated every need for speed game other then Underground 2 and Most Wanted, I havent played Carbon yet. What the other game about I think I have played it, but I cant seem to remember.