Its amazing!They've had so many children!

July 3, 2007 10:28am CST
Recently I heard from a radio programme that an indian couple have had 22 children since their marriage.Isnt it amazing?What's more,they are willing to give birth to another one!There are so many babies that their parents cant name them one by one,they just call them by certain numbers.What do you think of this?Personally,I dont appreciate it.
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@jenius (131)
• United States
3 Jul 07
At the risk of sounding judgemental I don't appreciate it either. I believe in zero population growth...2 children per couple. Our world is over populated as it is and India is especially over populated. It is sad they are not even naming these can all these babies/children be properly cared for by 2 people?
• China
4 Jul 07
Yes,I totally agree with you.I doubt if they have enough time and energy to take care of their children,not mention to give them good education.Thats cruel.They should be more responsible and realistic.I thought their goverment should carry out some policies to control birth rate,otherwise its hard to imagine their future.