Do you feel jealous...

@jonaida (574)
July 3, 2007 8:28pm CST
when your sister is closer to other people than you? Sometimes I feel that way esp when I learned about something about her from other people... It seems my sis is hiding things from our family...
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• Indonesia
10 Aug 07
i have a brother (i guess that your question can applied to my case), and i'm not close to him as a sibling. you know.. that kind of relationship.. and yea, i got bit jealous when i talk to their friends and i discover something new, new sides of him. but i guess i couldn't help it. there's something that brother n sister could share or sister n sister could share. because there's always something that you can just share with your friends.
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@beauty_ph (2751)
• Philippines
15 Aug 07
I am a jealous person. But to my siblings, its alright for me to learn things from others. We are close siblings but are not that open to each other. That is why I understand that we can't tell each other our secrets no matter how close we are. However, when I have close friends, I become possessive on them and get jealous. I used to have a very close friend in college, and everytime I see that she's with her friends(like her high school classmates, etc- that is not a common friend), I get jealous. I also get jealous when one of our common friends comes to close with her in a conversation. Thanks and God bless!