Foul smell

@Jessem (372)
July 4, 2007 1:51am CST
Have you ever been in that situation where you are talking to someone and you there is a foul smell emanating, so you look around to see from where is it coming but could not see any gutter around and you at last recognise that it's the person's mouth which is stinking so badly. How do you react then? Tell him to stop talking koz your mouth is stinking, move a few distance back to show him that you can no longer bear that bad smell and if this person is your boyfriend/girlfriend who is about to kiss you how do you to prevent him/her from? or you continue your discussion as though everything was normal and does not let them know that their mouth stinks?
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
7 Oct 12
If my partner have a bad breath I will tell him straight to the point because he is my partner and i'm just concern on him but when it comes to my friend I don't know how I will tell it to him/her about their bad breath. In my close friend I can tell them that their breath are so stinky but if he/she is just my ordinary friend I think I will just take a distance to them.
• Philippines
4 Jul 07
actually im thinking right now if that is your boyfriend or girlfriend who have odour how will you handle it ... right a big problem hey ive got some experience talking to a bad breathe oh my gosh i cant breathe doesnt they smell their breathe its halitosis but it can be cure stinks but maybe they didnt notice right do u agree.
@stella1989 (2274)
• India
4 Jul 07
Uhh..yuck..!! I can not even imagine myself kissing such person ever ..!! If this stinking mouth guy is just another person than I'll just step some steps back to avoid that smell from his mouth..!! But if he is my BOYFRIEND....I will straight away tell him that his mouth stinks ...and until and unless he don't brush his teeths I'll not kiss him so to kiss me he will have to go and have to brush his teeths first cause its all the sign of bacterias nothing else ....!! :) I cannot stand foul smelling mouths..!!