Thumbsucking: how to stop it?

@jonaida (574)
July 4, 2007 3:24am CST
My baby starts thumbsucking now that's why I give her a pacifier but my dad says it has bad effect to my baby. We've tried placing calamansi extract(orange) to her fingers but it has no effect. Some say to put pepper to her thumb but I would not do it, I think it's too much for my baby....Could you share your ideas...
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@sunshine4 (8709)
• United States
4 Jul 07
I think that it all depends on the age of your baby. If she is under 2, I would give her the pacifier. This way it can be taken away from her when you feel it is time but she won't have it connected to her hand like her thumb is. If your baby is over 2, then I would be concerned. Thumb sucking can definitely be the beginning of buck teeth. Why not get the extract in a nasty flavor? I have also had friends who put mustard on their kids thumbs before~ but as I said, not for a tiny baby.
@Ih8work6 (21)
• Australia
4 Jul 07
What bad effects does your dad think will happen if you give your baby a pacifier? I have 2 girls one 16yr and one 19yr and to this day they have never had any problems (teeth,swallowing) due to them having a pacifier. This is just a suggestion as it helped on my friends son. Try some lemon or vinegar on your babys thumb,as this is bitter and may help stop the dreaded thumb sucking. Good luck