An amazing couple!!!!!

@ToriaT (102)
July 4, 2007 5:05am CST
I was reading something that i thought to share with you all here at mylot...It was about divorce and the affects it has on they blame themselves they feel pressured to love one parent more than the other and the guilt that accompanies that issue...The article went on about how some can just walk away and never look back...the child waits and yearns for the parent that left and what really shocked me is that almost as many mothers as fathers have now left their children...just pick up and go first there are visits that slowly begin to dwindle and the child waits...and yearns...and cries him or her self to sleep every night ...these children grow up thinking they are not worthy of love ...that everyone leaves...they tend to blame the one they live with...their pain is so great they must blame someone...the article told of how many couples coped with divorce and sharing the children... instead of using them as weapons against one another...This one couple sold their house...they bought two, two bedroom appartment condos in the same building ...a floor apart...their daughter was five at the time...two nights a week they all had dinner together... she slept at mom's or dad's on any given night...both apartments were her home...and she was welcome there always...they shared all child costs ...they went to PTA and drs appointments together...their daughter still had two parents...the child knew mommy and daddy loved her... they told her all the time...that nothing was more important than her...I think they were amazing the daughter just got married last week ...both her parents were in attendance with their spouses ...her half siblings were there...and everyone got along ...the amazing things that can happen when the adults take responsibility and put their children first... toriaT
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• Philippines
5 Jul 07
NIce to hear there are couples like them. They really are amazing. Even if their marriage didnt become successful, they had mentained a good relationship with one another and considered the feeling of their daughter. I wish all couples could respect each other this way.
@ToriaT (102)
• Canada
8 Jul 07
yes children suffer enough in a break up ...their happiness and safety must be paramount ToriaT
• Nigeria
5 Jul 07
realy cool couple