a bothersome roommate

July 4, 2007 10:50am CST
in my university there are four students live in a room .in my room a guy is so bothersome that everybody do not like him,he always play music very loudly in the night,wo have asked him to turn down many times,but he still keep it,sometime I even want to beat him,at last I have a fight with him.living with a guy like him,I think everybody will do as I do.I do feel sorry.do you think I am right or not?
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• Singapore
22 Jul 07
Sorry to hear about all you have been though, the noise and everything can indeed be a nuisance. I too like to have my peace, especially at night when I need to rest or when I need to get some work done. Thus, I can understand why you are upset about this situation. Since you have already told this guy many times, yet he doesn't want to do anything about this, I think it would be best to report him to the hostel management. Let them take action against him. There's not much point in fighting with him because it would probably just make things worse if you guys end up hurting each other.
• United States
22 Jul 07
I think you are right to say something to him about it. Especially since you all are living in very close corridors, your roommates should be more respectful of you and your things. I had a problem like that with a roommate of mine. She'd have crazy parties on weeknights and her friends would eat all of my food. I thankfully ended up moving out, it was a complete nightmare.