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July 4, 2007 11:15am CST
Well, I decided to go ahead and make an official thread and can be updated whenever a new match is added through this. So far the card reads something like this: WWE Title John Cena(c) vs. Bobby Lashley ECW Title Johnny Nitro (c) vs. CM Punk ------------------------------------------------- I have to think on who will challenge for the World Title since Batista is out of the picture for now. That's a tough one and no I haven't read spoilers. I really couldn't say on that. I'm curious on how long Edge will have a reign as champion. I got some projections as possible title bouts though I'm not sure or doubt all the titles will be on the line at this very PPV. IC Title Umaga (c) vs. Jeff Hardy The only reason I picked that was off the top of my head, he's one of the only possible candidates that I could see challenging for it. Tag Titles Cade & Murdoch (c) vs. Either a Tag Turmoil with Every Team on the Raw side or just Londrick. That's about the only possible ideas I can think of at this very moment. SD! Tag Titles Deuce & Domino vs. I guess Major Brothers or they somehow move Cryme Tyme there I can't really think of anyone else. The rivarly part is kinda tricky. I guess for the US Title, you could say maybe Matt will get a shot at it. I hope to see some title changes. Right now 7 of 9 champs are heels. I'm not saying they all need to be faces but just make it a little more even that's all. What do you all see happening for this PPV match wise?
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5 Jul 07
Well for this PPV, basically I can only foresee two matches and they are the WWE Champion Title (John Cena vs Bobby Lashley) and ECW Champion title (Johnny Nitro vs CM Punk). As for the rest, maybe there will be some kind of No 1 contender match for Edge's WWE World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam..I dnt think Edge can hold on to the title for long...
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5 Jul 07
The only definite matches for sure are the ones you mentioned with Lashley and Cena and Punk and Nitro. I think the Great Khali could be a possible candidate to face Edge. I would like to see Edge try and put down the Great Khali. Another member mentioned that there will probably be a loophole of some kind to allow Batista back into the picture. Cade and Murdoch against the Greatest American Tag Team (Benjamin and Haas) could possibly be a match.
4 Jul 07
I think they gonna find some kind of loophole so that Batista challenges for the title. With the way the WWE work they definitely gonna exploit that story line or it will somehow backfire on Edge. Batista will win something like a money in the bank shot at any title, or Edge will loose championship to some1 else Batista will regain it and then deny Edge a shot at it for same reason he cant have another shot at it. Or the general manager will decree that they have to fight again for some strange reason. One way or another Batista will regain the championship cos as we all know baddies dont hold titles for long stretches of time and Edge's time is up.