break the rules of our way in living, we should never give up our dreams!

@mari123 (1862)
July 4, 2007 11:29am CST
Have you ever been thought of being different from others,may be you want to be the best one in your group,but this maybe always count`t come ture!So why? As you know ,many people complain the life is very nasty,brutish,and hard,yeah,that`s ture!But there are always some people can get round of it,but just only a small proportion of the population.So do you know why? In my opinion ,there are only two kinds of human beings,one is explorer,the other is the follower.the followers follow the explorers,they don`t have much of their own minds.Take Einstein for example,his idea is very hard to comprehend in his timesw,many other scientists didn`t understand him.But he never give up his own dream ,so he successed.So may be you have got my idea,yeah,if you want to be more excellent,you should be bolder to break the rules of the way of living!Do what you think best to yourselves ,and never give your dreams up!open your minds,open your hearts,you will find life is better than you think!
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