July 4, 2007 12:41pm CST
Usually when I read (or scan) a lens when I get to the bottom and see the guestbook I sign it and rank the lens but if there isn't one I tend to go onto the next lens unless of course the lens is really good then I will rate it anyway. So here are my questions to all you squidooites out there. Do you only rate a lens if its got a guestbook in hope that they will return the favour? When you make a lens do you add a guestbook and set the options so that you have to approve all blurbs? Or do you just leave the guestbook to take care of itself? Do you just not care about guestbooks and not add them? Finally have you ever deleted any responses from your guestbook?
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@legbamel (179)
• United States
12 Aug 07
Ha - obviously not everyone feels the same as you! I have a grand total of one entry in the guestbooks of my five lenses and I think I'm up to seven ratings now. I don't really care about the stars but I would love feedback from people who visit. I'd return the favor, as well. To me, it's like leaving a comment on someone's blog. It's part of being social and networking. Web 2.0!
12 Aug 07
I sign ppls guestbooks if I feel the lens is good. The signing guestbook thing to hope you get rated back is just a general feeling I get about guestbooks on the whole. At least 50% of guestbook entries I have seen ask for ratings in return (I've even seen entries by people who ask for ratings in return but they havent rated the lens). I don't mind rating some1s lens in return for they signing my guestbook (unless their lenses are bad of course) I wouldnt feel right rating some1s lens less than 5 if they gave me a 5, I would rather not rate them than ruin their lens rating. I am starting to think though that I would prefer ppl just rating my lenses than signing the guestbook, for the plain and simple reason that you know the rating they gave you is a honest one rather than some1 just looking for a rating swap.
@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
2 Dec 08
Aww I so didn't get what the discussion is about. But here's a comment to help you earn that penny in myLot :D I really wanted to give a meaningful response but I'm not part of Squido. Hope you have fun! thanks for the comment on my discussion!
@yanjiaren (9050)
22 Aug 07
We have added a guestbook on our blog..but I let my Biz partner Dale sort things far we have only had nice comments on our blog and I am not the most technical of people to understand the rest of what you posted lol..I would love to understand more though.I am learning more and more about the internet and blodding every day so any useful knowledge is most appreciated..Thank you. Here is our blog by the way..
@sergeantrom (5712)
• United States
12 Jul 07
It depends...if you want a lot of traffic, let anyone sign guestbook...if you have good content and dont want junk in your lens, moderate.....if you have time to screen every signer....get the point?