Should Amare Stoudemire be traded for KG? What will the Phoenix suns do?

United States
July 4, 2007 12:59pm CST
I'm hearing that the Phoenix Suns are thinking about trading Amare stoudemire to the Minnesota Timberwolves for KG (kevin Garnett) to the Phoenix Suns. I dont like that trade because the suns will be losing the best power forward/center in the league. KG is good but i dont think he would fit with the Suns. Tell me what u think. Do you agree or disagree with the trade?
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• United Kingdom
12 Jul 07
Why would you NOT want this trade. KG is a superstar, no question!
• Philippines
2 Sep 07
WHAT???? I dont like the trade!!!! Yes KG is a superstar but looking to the future.... Its not a wise trade..... KG is already comming on his retirement age what whould pheonix do after that.... Pheonix have a strong Starting 5 in the NBA... the problem is that they dont have good bench players.... there second unit should execute... You cant blame the lost in just one person.... Baskeball is a team effort game...
@dalip32 (100)
• United States
5 Jul 07
I've responded to this question on other discussions before but I'll say it again - I would trade Amare in a heartbeat! If you look at the Suns recent playoff failures, they have one thing in common - Tim Duncan. The Suns have absolutely no answer for Timmy. Amare is a great offensive player but he doesn't really play good post defense. In a conference that is loaded with quality power forwards - Duncan, Dirk, Garnett, Boozer, Brand, etc. Phoenix could find themselves in a position where they would have to go through three of these guys just to get into the finals. In order to stop these guys, you need someone who does more than just score and rebound. KG will do all the little things you need him to. He rebounds, passes, plays teriffic post defense as well as helpside D, and is a great team leader. Maybe most of all he wants a championship more than just about anyone in the league - he will give maximum effort every night. The second reason I do this deal is Steve Nash. The guy is 33 years old and is starting to break down. His game is still at a high level but the injuries are starting to pile up. How many really good years does he have left? Maybe three or four? And what is the Suns record when Nash doesn't play? Do you really think the Suns have a shot at the title without Nash running the show? Amare would assure you of having a very good team for the next 10 years (assuming the microfracture surgury holds up), but Garnett would make you a favorite to win the finals every year for the next four years. So would you be willing to trade Amare's youth for Garnett's talents? I would have no problem making that deal. Give the Suns a starting line-up of Nash, Bell, Marion, Diaw, and KG with Barbosa, Kenny Thomas, and now Alando Tucker coming off the bench. That would have to make them a favorite for the title. Trade Amare! The future is Now!!!
• Philippines
2 Sep 07
no way!! KG is much better Player in post up games not in fastbreak.... Im sure phoenix will have a problem dealing with it.... Minesota is not a fastbreaking team KG is used to that... but talent wise I go for KG not for amare....
• Canada
11 Sep 07
I don't like it either because Amare is young and can still improve