Former WWE guy that benefited the most coming to TNA?

United States
July 4, 2007 1:17pm CST
Who would you pick as the guy who really benefited the most going to TNA from the WWE? I would say Christian Cage hands down. The titles he held in the WWE were the Light Heavyweight Title, Hardcore Title, Tag Title, European Title, and his highest was the IC Title. Since he has arrived in TNA, he became a 2 time NWA World Champion. Before that, he never got a run on top to know if he could handle that and so far it looks like he has made the most of his opportunity. I don't think Angle benefited that much since he was a top guy in WWE and a top guy in TNA so he's out of the list and besides that he hasn't been in TNA as long as Christian has. 3D was all ready regarded as a top tag team and this just further illustrates that point. Now they're the TNA Tag Team Champs. Shockingly, there really hasn't been too many former WWE Stars that has held the X-Division title other than Sean Waltman. Most of the guys I think were TNA-branded stars or got there fame in the company. Who would you pick as the one that has come from WWE to TNA and benefited the most?
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• India
4 Jul 07
there is not any arguement on that as every one know cristians talent and he deserve all those titles but in wwe he was really a jerk not knowing what to do he could'nt and never fit into wwe.think he made the right move
• United States
9 Jul 07
I think he did considering the fact he had an opportunity to do something he's never done and that is be a Main Event player. In the end, he made the right move and has worked well for him.
28 Jul 07
i agree i think he is a great fighter and done the write thing by moving to tna a think he is better than edge do you lot agree