Copa America

@raider (169)
July 4, 2007 4:43pm CST
Copa American is started. I am from argentina, and i want to ask you guys from the forum which team do you think it is going to win the cup. I honestly believe that argentina have the gratest chances. considering Brasil doesn't have kaka ronaldinho ronaldo....... I see a final between argentina - brazil...or semi-final...the other teams to reach semifinal i believe are going to be mexico asd ecuador what do you think???
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@zipman191 (381)
• Israel
4 Jul 07
argentina is the main favorit to win that cup but from what i saw mexico doing well i think they will take the copa im a big fan of barcelona and also im huge fan of messi so i like argentina but until now messi is not giveing what i expected from him thats too bad :(
• Egypt
9 Jul 07
argentina is the best team ever i guess it will win the championship although mexico is good too
@chileman (969)
• Australia
11 Jul 07
Hola Raider, yo soy Australiano pero yo puedo hablar espanol....I lived in Chile for 3 years and was supporting Chile until they were killed by Brasil in the semi final, now I'll have to go for Argentina!
@tomysole (457)
• United States
6 Jul 07
Argentina no doubt are the odds on favorites to win the competition because they brought a full squad of all their super stars. They should hav won the World Cup too and were the best team by a mile. I just hope they play Messi and Crespo in the final against Brazil.