Trinidad And Tobago
July 4, 2007 8:25pm CST
I am gaining weight and it has really affected my self esteem. Could anyone out there provide me with a diet plan? No matter how risky i am willing to try it. I would like to loose ten pounds in two weeks.
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5 Jul 07
try to be possitive with your self it doesnt matter wat u look like
• United States
5 Jul 07
First let start by saying, kidkirstie is right you need to stay positive. Regardless, of how you look you only have yourself. I recently tried a diet where I ate healthy for 30 days and was never hungry. I lost 7 pounds without really trying. If you want to know more just send me a message.
• Trinidad And Tobago
13 Jul 07
could you send me your diet plan please i am interested.
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
5 Jul 07
okay let's start with eating breakfast but not heavy carbo.have cereal instead,i usually have it with low fat milk.have lunch but lay low on the carbs.have lots of vege & fruits instead.drink enough water.stay off sweets and chocolate,and of course,ice cream!don't forget to exercise.oh and light dinner,no snacking an hour before you sleep.hope this works for you as it does to me.peace out!
@TawnyJo (131)
• United States
5 Jul 07
A few years ago I found myself in your shoes. I saw a picture of myself and couldn't believe how big I had gotten. I checked out and I loved it! It helps you form a healthy eating plan and you can track the amount of weight you've lost. The weight, however, won't come off fast. I think I averaged about 2 pounds per week. That is the ideal amount of weight to loose in a week. The key is eating healthy, exercising and taking care of yourself. Have you tried Pilates? I love it and recommend it to everyone I know. It's low impact and really focuses on your core (abdomin). I ended up losing 31 pounds while on ediets which is what they recommended.