It's me again

@Salehd (131)
July 5, 2007 2:04am CST
Hi; I am here again, I am board again, I don't like my second new Job! It's good, doesnot pay a lot, but better than my first job and it's closer that me last job, but ..... It seem that I don't like any job, I don't know why, but I am board. I don't feel like working, it must be some of these days where I am depressed, feeling lonely, and board!!! I just want to share something with you here, casue I can't share this with anyone I know. Do you think that I can share this with my wife????????????? Or not??? why???
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@Lucille7 (509)
• South Africa
5 Jul 07
I suggest you share this with your wife. You have a responsibility towards her and keeping this from her is not going to be a good thing. My brother-in-law is like this. He cannot keep down a job and yet he does not want to stay at home and be a stay at home dad either. It is totally weird. I find it difficult to understand why somebody has no ambition to provide for himself or his family. I work hard to provide for me and my kids and Carl also works hard to provide for us. So best you discuss this with your wife and make a plan...
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