Do You Like My New Avatar?

@wachit14 (3600)
United States
July 5, 2007 9:03am CST
These are my dogs, Mandy and Shana. I was looking for something different to replace the other avatar as I like to change them from time to time and I found this photo in one of my picture folders. I forgot that I took this one, but it looks like little Mandy is giving Shana a kiss. She was actually trying to get Shana to get up because she wanted to go outside. Do you often change your avatar here on Mylot or do you have the same one from the first time you joined? This is my third avatar since I joined over four months ago. Let me know if you like this one.Thanks!
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@tellus (1445)
• Finland
5 Jul 07
hey wachit14! your avatar is absolutely cute! i think i should mine too. it's a picture of me and i don't really like it. maybe i'll put one of or both or my cats to my next avatar.
@wachit14 (3600)
• United States
5 Jul 07
Thanks! I love my dogs. They are my constant companions when I am home and we even take them on vacation with us. I thought they deserved to be in my avatar for now.
• Philippines
19 Jul 07
Its kinda cute, just want to ask how do you manage to change your avatar? cn u teach me,thanks
@cmsk2005 (1770)
• United States
18 Jul 07
They are cute and gorgeous... I think the are your very good friend and u enjoy with them a lot...yes I like it very muchh
@sacmom (14315)
• United States
7 Jul 07
Your new avatar is very cute. :) Let me see...I've had a few avatars since joining mylot back in February. My very first avatar was of one of my dogs, but I quickly decided against that one before I even made my first posting/response and had one of a rainbow (though it was hard to see the rainbow) put on instead. From there I had another sky picture, then a picture of a black cat I once had (she has since passed on). Finally I decided to put a picture of myself, though it was taken back several years ago. :P I updated it shortly with a new picture of me and now I just changed it again to yet another picture of me. :P LOL This new one was taken the same time as my last one, so it wasn't a major change. Hopefully I'll keep this one for a while so that none of my friends get confused. But I'm not making any promises! LOL
@youless (92287)
• Guangzhou, China
6 Jul 07
Your new avatar seems hardly to see your dogs clearly. I haven't changed my avatar. I like to keep it. I think you can change your dogs' bigger photo so that we can see how lovely they are:)
@Bizziebod (3526)
5 Jul 07
Hi, that's a cute avatar! I've only changed mine once as I feel that some of your friends might not recognise me and dismiss some of my discussions maybe.. You've got a couple of lovely dogs there anyway! Happy Mylotting!
@aprilgrl (4460)
• United States
5 Jul 07
Yes I like it and i think it's so cute. Thanks for sharing.