How to get SUCCESS in our Life? Have any Idea.

July 5, 2007 11:24am CST
HI Well I am starting this discussion just to get and distribute some key to success in life. From where I get the idea? I was attending a presentation where an anchor spokes of it. He said, to get success, never think of it, just use yours all abilities to your work and don't bother about success. It will automatically come to you as you do your work sincerely. I thought his idea is also better. What do you think about it.
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@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
14 Jul 07
More to the point... What is success? For me success is happiness. Happiness is about being able to do the things you enjoy doing. For some... it is about doing a round of the world trip... for some other... it is about buying a one million dollar yacht... while another person will get really happy to buy his favourite movie on DVD for $25.00. The degree of happiness is relative to money. The more money you have... the more you need to spend to be happy. If you have all the money in the world and all the things you desire... you cease to be happy. Because happiness is about the thrill of the challenge to get something which you can barely afford. Happiness is the reward you get after the struggle you did experience to get what you wanted. For this reason... many poor people are actually happier than rich people. Achieving success through your work abilities only works if you are a professional in your field. Packing boxes in a warehouse won't get you anywhere no matter how good you are. Success in the workforce is about being better than anybody else in your field. Success in the workforce will bring you more money... but at a price... the price of sacrifying your personal life for your work... as success demands longer working hours. Many successful people find their happiness in their work. But once they reach retirement... and there is no more work... there is no more happiness. Food for thoughts...
• Oman
11 Jul 07
the secret of success is right decision... How do you make right decision?__Experience!__ How do you get experience?__Wrong decisions!__ funny... but true!
@majkel (37)
• Poland
5 Jul 07
Well, in my opinion this is not always true. You may work harder and harder, do your best and do no advance at all. There may be many reasons, like unfair boss etc. Sometimes it's better to change job, try different opporunities and so on... I think it's extremely important to have a view of what you want, a plan on how to be succesful. To imagine the day of your success, how you'd be feeling - just to motify yourself. Moreover, it depends on what a person thinks the success IS. For some people it is a certain amount of money, for some a happy family life. I don't think it's that easy, just to sit, work and wait for the success to come.