Is money very important in a relationship?

July 5, 2007 6:25pm CST
When the two couple finally decided to marry, it is because most of the time they love each other so much. Money was never an issue to them (Is it?)so they get married. But when you have children, there are a lot of expenses. Family funds are not just enough. I've seen these before. That scare me to settle down. Is money very important in a relationship? Can't you just love each other for richer or for poor (as you promised each other)?
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• Philippines
5 Jul 07
Well Philboil19 money should not be an important thing in a relationship. Although sometimes, it really is. I mean husbands work 24/7 or the wife works 24/7 it shouldn't be an issue but in reality it is. Most fights are due to cash problems, paying this, paying that. It is scary but when you have someone (your partner) beside you, you shouldn't be afraid. Because with both of you working on the problem, no money or any other problem can win over both of you :)