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United States
July 5, 2007 7:05pm CST
I'm new to Mylot. I just joined last night. What do other people think of this site? How often do you use it? What would you change about it. Any tips to make my Mylot experience better?
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@2wicelot (2948)
6 Jul 07
Welcome to mylot. It is a really fun place to be. You get to make friends with people from all over the world and share ideas, dreams and aspirations. It could get very addictive too. You also earn money doing that. I think the best way to approach mylot is to make all your post of good quality and a little long; at least 4 lines. Make sure you minimise spelling and grammatical errors in your posts. Also start your own unique and interesting discussions that would attract responses from other users.
@nic24uk (571)
6 Jul 07
hi wellcome to mylot! ive been here bout 4 months and i love it. i still havent had a payout but im not really bothered about the money anymore. i just love coming on here and answering discussions. its a great way to pass time and meet new friends. happy mylotting.
@totty1969 (1473)
• United States
6 Jul 07
Hello kristal, I spend about 16-20 hours per day in here. I check in when I get up and I check in several times per day, as a matter of fact I check in just before I go to bed every night. I love this place, I been here for 3 months without a day off. myLotting is very addictive and it is fun too. Enjoy posting! Peace, Totty