Have you been treated unfairly, or have you treated someone unfair?

July 5, 2007 9:42pm CST
I have one experience of this, one organization in school. It is a pep Squad, i try out since i want to develop my dancing skills, they let me dance for a minute and ask me if i know someone from the group , i answered no. The judge were four from the pep squad one said I am good, other three asked me if i know someone famous at school, i answered no, they asked the group if they will accept me, the group says no because i look simple. So they abruptly says thank for trying out and better luck next time. Since i can't believe because i know i did my best i just stay and watched for others who also come for tryouts, and then there, i witnessed, they accepted those with beautiful face but no dancing skills, i think three of them ,because they are relatives of the deans. And to compare their dancing skills to me, is a way far, i am much better. They can't split and go cartwheel or tumbling maybe they don't know how, but still they are accepted. I just walk away and i overheard someone says "loser!!" from the group, i just look at her and she moved away.I already move on from this event in my life, people sometimes treat others unfair, although its hurt, i know they will have a time of their life soon. How about you?
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@mschiqui (1284)
• Philippines
7 Jul 07
so far in my life,i havnt remeber that i was treated unfairly and vise versa..Well, i guess there are sometimes, but those are things which i think i was treated unfairly, in which the truth i wasnt.