Did your significant other tell his experiences in life?

significant other - Your love of your life ever and ever.
@happymom1 (1179)
United States
July 5, 2007 10:08pm CST
My husband tell every experience he has in the past bad and good experiences. I am enjoying listening his experiences even it takes time and effort for him and myself who listened. I feel his pain and happiness while his telling me everything. I am thinking that God has a purpose in everything why some things happened and why it is happening. I appreciate his honesty to me and i know it is rare for somebody to tell everything especially bad things happened to their lives. Its a secret thing that it will vanish and never remember those old days. But its a part of life and you cannot escape it. Hmmm what about you, did your love of your life tell you about his/her past experiences? Thanks for sharing.
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
6 Jul 07
My husband and I have told each other pretty much everything. Occasionally there are things that come up that we just hadn't thought to share before, and because we both had particularly bad childhoods there are some things that we might have not been able to say in too much detail, but have talked about in general. In my case in particular occasionally there are things that I realize I never told my husband about, but it's because my memories are scattered and confusing, as I have post-traumatic stress disorder. When I have the times when I am remembering things, or having problems, my husband is the first person I go to for help these days. It took a long time for him to become that person that I went to, but he has been very kind to me and helped me through a lot. I can't imagine being with someone whom I couldn't share such things with, and help each other to heal. I've had relationships that didn't work out before solely from the fact that my partner couldn't deal with the damage I have from my bad past, or simply couldn't understand what life has been like for me. So having a fellow survivor as a partner turned out to be the best, because we can understand each other well and offer support.