Sheridan~ A New Hero Emerges From The Dark ~*~ My Second Short Story

Sheridan - My inspiration of Sheridan and what I think he looks like...just minus the spear, knife and ponytail :)
United States
July 6, 2007 12:51am CST
I wrote another short story. I will continue editing it even after I post it, but if you find any mistakes or have any ideas for it please don't hesitate to share! If you have an account at you can also read it there and leave your comments there if you prefer. Now Here's The Story, I know it's long but please read, I don't think you'll be disappointed! Thank you...Please Enjoy! SHERIDAN “Let’s see your wallet. Now!” “Alright man. Here.” The young college boy dug in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He handed it to the man in front of him, the leader. The college boy stood against a wall in a dark alley. He was surrounded by four men. The full moon did little to illuminate their faces. “Hey, this is a nice wallet.” The man said turning it around in his hands. He opened it and looked inside. “Looks like me got a rich one here fellas. Your parents give you all this money? You a mommas boy?” The boys gaze fell but he remained silent. “I’m talking to you boy!” The man yelled and punched the boy in the face. He fell against the wall and two of the other muggers grabbed his arms to keep him up. The third man remained behind the leader. A punch to the stomach buckled his knees, another too the face disoriented him. His head dropped, blood trickled from his mouth. The boy’s attacker drew a large knife from his waistband and placed it under the boys chin, lifting his head, blood covered his blond bangs. The boy looked into the mans eyes, but his attention was quickly pulled over his shoulder. A white flash flew behind them and disappeared with the third mugger. The two muggers holding him up dropped his arms and the leader turned around quickly, nicking his neck with the knife. The boy fell to the ground, unconscious. The remaining men looked down the dark alley. The leader took a step towards the blackness. “Come out! Who the hell do you think you are. Come out you chicken sh-…” The men backed up as a creature stepped out of the darkness. He stood look like a man, but looked like a large white wolf. He stood seven feet, and weighed as much as a horse. His growl was deep and threatening. The lead mugger threw his knife into the wolf’s shoulder. He winced, looked at the knife with his ears drawn back against his head. He slowly turned his head back towards the men, growling. He rapped his claw around the knife and yanked it out of his shoulder. He dropped the bloody knife and stepped forward. The men took another step backward but didn’t turn their backs to the great wolf. In an instant the wolf flew towards them, slamming them with his massive paws, throwing them against the ground and wall. The men were knocked out cold by the impact. The wolf got down on all fours and smelled the unconscious men. He then turned his attention to the college student. The boys eyes were half open. Blood tricked from a small incision on his neck and from the corner of his lip. Dark bruises covered his swollen eye and cheek. The wolf lifted the boy in his arms and turned towards the lit street. He left the boy at the edge of the alley and crept back to the darkness. He watched as a middle age couple spotted the boy from across the street. They hurried to him; the woman hailed a passing police car as the man knelt over the boy. The wolf turned and ran down the dark alley. It was forty years since that day. An old man walked down the crowded city street, holding hands with a 5 year old girl. Her long curly hair was a brilliant blonde, her blues eyes sparkled in the sun. Her Elmo backpack was pulled tight against her back. “I drew a picture for you today Grandpa,” she said. “That’s very nice of you Shirley, I’ll take a look at it when we get home.” “Alright.” They passed a bakery and the girl stared in at all the tasty pastries. A man smoking a cigarette against the next building caught her eye. He was young, in his early or mid twenties. He stood six feet wearing a dark business suit. His hair was dark brown, sunglasses covered his eyes. He saw the girl staring at him and smiled. She smiled back. That night the old man tucked the girl into her bed. He snapped on the nightlight and turned off her lamp. “Good night Grandpa,” she said. “Goodnight honey, see you in the morning.” The girl rolled over in her bed and closed her eyes. A man stood in the alley below her third floor window. He leaned against the opposing wall. The end of his cigarette lit up as he took a drag. An old man walked down the empty city street. Streetlights lit his path. He made his way into an alley way, dimly lit by the moon. He walked carefully through the alley and sidestepped through the trash and rats. He stopped when he was out of sight from the street. “Hello?” He called down the dark alley. He continued to call as he walked down the alley. He unknowingly passed an open doorway. “You shouldn’t be back here alone old man, especially at night.” A deep voice growled. The man swung around and looked into the black doorway. “I’ve come to ask your help,” the old man said. “My help?” “Yes.” “How do you know me?!” The deep voice grew angry. “I-I saw you. Many years ago. I saw you, in this very alley. I don‘t know you by name only by appearance.” Only silence came from the doorway. “How do you know me,” the voice finally replied. “You saved me. I was being mugged. The men pulled a knife on me and you saved me. And now I return to you, to plead for your allegiance.” “What is it you want of me?” “My granddaughter Shirley, sir. She was taken from me, in the night. I do not know who has her, or where they have taken her.” “I am not a detective, I do not find missing people. You should go to the police.” “No! I can not go to the police. I have nothing to tell them. They will not find my granddaughter. That is why I came to you. You helped me many years ago, and now I ask for it again. Please.” The man took a picture from his pocket and held it out towards the doorway. He held it up for a moment before a large white paw appeared from the darkness and grabbed the picture. “I can pay you, sir. Not much, but something.” A deep smirk came from the darkness. “Money? Why would I need money. And stop calling me sir! My name is Sheridan” The man stood in silence, not knowing what to say he just waited for a final answer from the wolf. Finally, he stepped from the darkness. He was just as the man remembered him, a beautifully colored white wolf, standing seven feet and large in physique. “Alright,” he said. “I’ll help you.” “I knew you would! Here…” he rummaged through a bag he carried. “I have the shirt she was wearing last night. You could track her with it.” “I am not a dog!” The wolf snatched the shirt from the old man. “Oh, I’m sorry. I did not mean to offend…” “It doesn’t matter. Take me to your home. I want to see it.” “Alright,” the old man began walking towards the alleys corner to get to the street. A paw landed on his shoulder. “Ah…do you think there’s a way to get there…you know. Where other people won’t see me.” “Oh yes! Of course.” The man turned around and walked farther through the alley, wolf in tow. Sheridan stood in the alley under Shirley’s window. A soft glow was hidden behind purple curtains. He stared up towards the room for a moment, fiddling with the fabric in his paw. He sighed. “This is so humiliating.” He lifted the little girls shirt to his nose and inhaled deeply. He took a moment to focus all his energy into the scent before pulling the shirt away. He walked to the fire escape leading up to the girls room and smelled the iron. He waited until he found her scent, and then followed it across the ground. He followed the trail further into the alley, it disappeared at the other end when the alley opened up into a dark street. Sheridan noticed fresh skid marks and smelled them, finding the tires scent. He galloped on all fours after the car’s trail careful not to be seen by anyone. He reached city limits and stopped. Ahead of him was open fields with few trees. Few places to hide. He took a hesitant step forward, and paused. He shook his head. “I don’t need to do this. I work in the city, I save people in the city. My boundary ends here.” But still he did not turn back, he stared ahead. He could see house lights on the horizon, not far from the city. He sighed, shook his head and bounded towards the lights. At his speed it wasn’t long before he reach the house. He crept towards a window and peered inside. A young girl with blonde curls and blue eyes sat frozen on a leather couch. A man paced across the room. He was tall with dark hair and a dark business suit. He was talking angrily on a phone. “That’s not the price we agreed on! No, you tell them if they want her they pay what we said or they can make their own kid!” He listened impatiently to the person on the other line. “Too expensive? Well tell them, Welcome to the black market! Pay or leave.” He hung up the phone and placed it in his shirt pocket. The man crouched down in front of the girl. “If these folks pay up you’re gonna love it with them. They have a swimming pool, a house, a nice backyard. You’ll love it!” The little girl said nothing and kept her face down. The man stood up and left the room. He came back a moment later with a bottle of beer. He sat down on a large armchair placed next to the couch. Sheridan crept along the side of the house towards the back. He found the fuse box and tore the cords out. The lights in the house flickered off. Sheridan ripped the backdoors doorknob out and the door creaked open. Sheridan stepped into the house and walked slowly towards the front of the house. He was nearing the end of the dark hallway when he saw the man holding the girl in his arms, gun pointed towards him.
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