How do we secure are Efforts in Earning online?

July 6, 2007 2:52am CST
We all love to earn money easily,right? We are easily attracted to "easy-to-take" offers, like pay per clicks,pay per view and surveys that pays.. As we indulge ourselves with this new way of earning at home others are making their way too, like creating a site that are not legitimate, campaigning their own programs which are (scams).. They offers high payments having the same service like the other legitimate pay per click programs,views,surveys and etc. The more we wanted to earn fast the more we are not prepared with the consequences, like, got fooled with scams, you invested money and time (also electricity), got screwed at work for spending more time in your extra income then all of a sudden, its a scam.. Try to think this, a lot of people wanted to earn online thus we should also anticipate the fact that there are some people who will take advantage of the people's current interest (earning online), these people are the one doing scam programs and the victims are "some of us". Advice: Think first before you leap (oooold huh?) yeah, but it has always been the most effective way to stay safe. This topic will never grow old, as long as we are still in the internet marketing era, this will always be our first before the second. I believe somebody already posted the lists of scam sites here in mylot but it doesnt end there we should not always rely on that and take for granted the next that will be displayed income opportunities on net. WE WILL NEVER get rid of scam sites and programs. WHY? because, like us, they also wanted to earn easily as parasite to us. The only thing we can do is to VERIFY the INCOME opportunity program we find in the internet and USING OUR COMMON SENSE. Stay safe, use YOUR EFFORTS "wisely"... ALL things in this world requires brain. GOT it?
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• Philippines
8 Jul 07
I am glad that I had learned my lessons about earning on line. I dont take any offer fast. I check thoroughly. There are legitimate sites like mylot but earnings doesnt come that easy. It requires diligence. At least they are not scams. I had already experienced wasting time on several sites and now I had decided to stick to mylot and there is also another site where I recently joined but Im still trying to make some observations before I reveal it to anyone.