July 6, 2007 6:18am CST
Is this right way to earn money? How secure it?
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@2wicelot (2948)
9 Jul 07
Welcome to mylot. It is really a fun site. You can make friends from all over the world here. You can share discussions and interests and you earn money doing that. You need to respond to discussions started by members and make your response at least 4 lines long. You also need to make sure the there are little or no errors in the responses you give. You should also start your own discussions and get other members to respond to it as well. And you may add photos with your discussions. You may also get referrals to help your income.
@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
9 Jul 07
I think mylot is quite trustworthy looking at the feedback from many people. I am working real hard on it hoping to get me somewhere. THe next one just earns you pennies but I think that I would gather more pennies to make dollars. http://www.clixncash.com/index.php?ref=lilynnie By the way, the minimum payout is 0.05 and it is also for international surfers. I tried to take out 0.06 cents on my first try. I obtained it within 1 hour which was real easy because you can get it faster. I was doing mylot as well as clixncash so I was kindof slow. I don't trust these kind of thing so I tried to withdraw money and they gave it to me within 24 hours. So it can be trusted! Yippee!!! Oh well, I am continuously searching for more such sites and if I know of some, I'll share. The rest of the sites that I've tried ain't good. Hence, I did not mention.
@anjrit (997)
• Indonesia
9 Jul 07
yups...that's true.mylot is leagal site so,it.s secure enough and you don't have to worries about this.
@ssh123 (31104)
• India
6 Jul 07
Mylot is a good site. I am a member here since last 11 months and I was paid more than 4 times. So far I have earned $600. You can also earn money here in this site, provided you work hard by posting discussions and responses. You can also try the following: http://www.taketheinternetback.com/index.php?refId=5374. If it interests you in other sites, you can send message to me.