The Ideal Geek Vacations!! What Will YOU CHOOSE??

July 6, 2007 10:44am CST
Tokyo: Akhiabara ,the mecca of gizmos. Later you can head for the museums Ghibli and bandai. The former is dedicated to Hayao Mizzyazaki and Isao Takahata...... futuristic theme park, Sega Joypolis is also on the list. Chernobyl, Ukraine, the Chernobyl bus tour takes one to Prypyat, a town where 47000 inhabitants had to evacuate within 36 hours in meltdown. Palo Alto, California, a tour of tech czars here, from Apple to Yahoo. Also visit the famous HP garage and tech museum of innovation in San Jose, Google Cafetaria, Cern, watch artisanal physist actually work hare in Swirtzerland....,Higgs Boson while peering into large hadron collidor-17 miles of super conducting magnets.... Sidi Driss hotel if you want to visit skywalkers tatooine home in star wars,Matmata, Tuisia and now lodging geek tourists. NEW ZELAND A TOUR OF LORD OF THE RING SHOTS LOCATIONS HOW MANY HACVE YOU VISITED......??? Have you got some more than this then well.... WANNA SHARE YOUR EXPIRIENCE ??? DO REPLY!!!
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