a caterpillar on the salad!!!!!

caterpillar on salad - a caterpillar crawling on fresh vegetable salad
July 6, 2007 1:38pm CST
one lunch time, me and my family went to a restaurant. i would hate to mention the name of the restaurant coz it might ruin their reputation. anyway, they usually served roasted foods and salad. so we went and ordered roasted chicken and we tried on their special vegetable salad. the salad was first served so we started with that. we took some servings each. suddenly my sister screamed, we all paused and looked at what she was pointing at. it was a LIVE caterpillar, crawling beneath the fresh greens on the serving plate. we all stopped eating and had the order changed. thank goodness nobody was unfortunate enough to eat the crawling insect. this is a lesson for all vegetarians or those who usually like to eat salad.
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